Westlake’s Rumleigh Brickworks, Devon

Westlake's Rumleigh Brickworks

Rumleigh Brickworks were owned by Thomas Westlake & Company, Brick &
Tile Makers. They had Brick & Fire Clay Works at Bealswood,
near the Weir Head and at Calstock Town, and large Brick & Arsenic manufacturies
at Rumleigh. They were very large employers of labour in the area. Their bricks
were in large demand for government buildings and fortifications.

Between 1880 and 1902 the Calstock/Callington area was producing 50% of the
world’s arsenic requirements from plants at Greenhill, Coombe and Rumleigh.

From an internet advert fpr a map for sale. Bere Ferrers PLAN OF RUMLEIGH
BRICK FIELDS Showing Encroachments of Arsenical Works Built by Mr Thos. Westlake.
1885. Surveyed by R. Walters Land and Mining Surveyor. Tavistock August 1885.
Manuscript plan in ink and full colour on cartridge paper, size 21″ x 28″,
scale 1 chain to an inch. Border, decorative compass rose, scale bar. Shows
River Tamar, sluice, furnaces, refining house, stack, smithy, flues, brick kiln,
hedges, hedges destroyed, land occupied by Mr Martin. Reference table with coloured
key showing leases, Arsenical Works encroaching on land leased for Brick Making,
etc. Small piece torn away top right affecting corner of border. Folds, small
repaired tear at one fold, two small splits in paper at another. Together with
a small coloured basic sketch plan ‘Land proposed to be leased as Rumleigh Brickfield
1879’. 1880. £95.00

Opposite Okeltor
today you will see the lightning-struck chimney of Rumleigh brickworks and the
leaning stack of Gawton’s arsenic flue.

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