Wendron Mining District, Cornwall

Wendron Mining District, Cornwall Map

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Wendron Mining District in Cornwall has a long history of mining. Records
show that in the 1580’s underground mining was well advanced and that two of
the three most important tin mines in Kerrier were Roselidden, later part of
the Trumpet Consols group, and Porkellis Mine. The number of recorded mineral
ventures within Wendron is 640.

1779 Wendron Parish was the most populated mining district in Cornwall with
9,000 inhabitants – Camborne and Redruth Mining Area, later to become more productive, had at that time a combined
population of 4,400 showing that Wendron was then a more important mining district.

Sites overlying and immediately surrounding the Tregonning granite yielded
tin, whilst the majority of the mines to the north and west were important early
copper producers. Many of these rich but often shallow copper mines had already
been abandoned by the 1840s.

Only two books appear to have been published on the mining industry of the
District: Wendron Tin by A.K. Hamilton Jenkin (commissioned by Poldark Mine)
1978 and The Tin Streamers of Wendron by Justin Brooke 1994. The District was
missing from Hamilton Jenkin’s series ‘The Mines and Miners of Cornwall’.