St Agnes Cornwall Mines

St Agnes Cornwall Mines Map

Wheal Ellen Tywarnhayle Mine Wheal Charlotte Wheal Coates Wheal Friendly Wheal Kitty Wheal Prudence Cligga Head Mine Polberro Blue Hills Wheal Luna United Hills Towanroath Shaft, Wheal Coates Porthtowan St Agnes Trevaunance Harbour, St Agnes Goonbell Wheal Towan British and Colonial Explosives Perran st George Droskyn

St. Agnes Mining District is centred on the small town of St. Agnes. The ore has once again been formed at the junction of the granite underlying St. Agnes Beacon and the complex metamorphosed country rock around it. To the west are mines dating back hundreds of years, from Wheal Luna overlooking Trevaunance Cove through Seal Hole and Polberro towards St. Agnes Head.

To the south-west lies Wheal Coates, and the copper mines of Wheal Charlotte and the Porthtowan mines of Tywarnhayle/United Hills and the Towan group. Wheal Kitty and Penhalls stand on the west of Trevaunance Cove, and Blue Hills is in the next bay in Trevellas Coombe.

The cliffs west of St Agnes were worked by small mines such as Wheal Ocean and Wheal Prudence towards Cligga Head. Copper mines sprung up on the cliff tops eastwards to Perran St. George and Droskyn Points.

Most of the mining was along the coast. Inland, Goonbell and Mount Hawke, both originally miners’ settlements, the small fields surrounding them show that many were miners’ smallholdings.

St. Agnes is the main town in this district (Perranporth and Porthtowan were developed more recently as holiday destinations). St Agnes itself has two different centres, inland the town centred on its church, and a port on the sea round Trevaunance Coombe.