Porkellis Moor Mines, Cornwall

Porkellis Moor Mines, Cornwall
Porkellis Moor has had mining for hundreds of years. It is classic granite country, yielding relatively shallow tin lodes. It was mostly restricted to the area around Porkellis and Wendron. There is also evidence for alluvial tin mining in the valley basins. Flooded
pits (hatches), industrial watercourses (leats) and waterwheel pits are prominent

Porkellis Moor Mines were:

Advertised for sale on the Internet 2006, Porkellis United Mines, Wendron
COUNTERPART SETT of Porkellis and part of Porkellis Moor, The Rt. Honorable
Frances Baroness Basset to Messrs. Francis Ommanney, W.C. Winterbottom and Francis
Bottrall. Distribution 1/18th in money. 3 vellum sheets, size 20″ x 28″,
3 wax seals. On verso of last sheet is a manuscript plan, coloured in outline,
showing the village of Porkellis, with fields, buildings, stream, paths, Basset’s
Old Stamps, and Porkellis Wastrell. Boundaries of sett coloured, showing bound
posts referred to in text, adjoining owners. Size of plan 26″ x 13″.
1851. £85.00 . Porkellis United seems to be another
name for Basset & Grylls

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