Caradon Mining District, Cornwall

Caradon Mining District, Cornwall MAp

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It was the large copper riches found at South Caradon Mine that were responsible
for the development of the Caradon Mining District. South Caradon Mine eventually
worked from 1837 to 1885.Over a period of fifty years its copper output ranked
third out of all mines in Cornwall.

Caradon Hill is a great granite dome which towers over the surrounding
countryside. All round the base of Caradon Hill there are the remains of engine
houses, chimney stacks and waste rock tips. You can also see the old track of
the Liskeard and Caradon Railway, built to carry ore from the mines at Caradon
to the port of Looe.

The success of the South Caradon Mine sparked a number of other mines being
opened, many with the magic word “Caradon” in their title. They were
trying to tap the same lodes as South Caradon. A practice that became known
as “market mining”. Mines that sprung up were never hugely successful,
and these included:-

* Caradon Consols
* Caradon Vale
* Caradon Mine
* East Caradon
* Glasgow Caradon Consols
* Great Caradon
* New West Caradon
* New South Caradon
* West Caradon Mine
* Wheal Caradon Mine

Of these mines East Caradon, West Caradon and Glasgow Caradon proved to be
the more successful.